ELM ME+ 2.5 PLalpha46 announcement


Elm ME+ 2.5 PLalpha46

- Is available with
        <URL: http://www.elmme-mailer.org/elm-ME+2.5/src/elm-ME+2.5.PLalpha46.patch.gz >
  and   <URL: http://www.elmme-mailer.org/elm-ME+2.5/src/elm-ME+2.5.alpha46.tar.gz >
  via WWW.

- Is available on ftp.funet.fi
  via anonymous ftp
    directory   pub/mirrors/elmme-mailer.org/mirror/src/elm-ME+2.5/
           or   pub/unix/mail/elm/elm-ME+2.5/

    files      elm-ME+2.5.PLalpha46.patch.gz
    and        elm-ME+2.5.alpha46.tar.gz

  or is available with
        <URL: http://www.nic.funet.fi/pub/unix/mail/elm/elm-ME+2.5/elm-ME+2.5.PLalpha46.patch.gz >
  and   <URL: http://www.nic.funet.fi/pub/unix/mail/elm/elm-ME+2.5/elm-ME+2.5.alpha46.tar.gz >
  via WWW.

- Is available with
        message-id <elmME+2.5/PLalpha46/1-0@klovni.keh.iki.fi>
  on newsgroups alt.sources and comp.mail.elm

SUMMARY: This release may use CLOCK_MONOTONIC and can make 
	 several connect() attempts on parallel on some 
	 systems. Elm includes new command line option --mail-file
	 on this release. New elmrc options are
	 "connect-mode", " pop-idle-alive-interval" and
	 "imap-idle-alive-interval" (and
	  "smtp-idle-alive-interval" on "smtp:" section).
	 This release adds "self-cc" and "self-bcc" keywords
	 to ~/.elm/hash.marks or global elm.hashmarks.
	 This release changes elmrc option "mimeforward".
         Also some other changes and some bug fixes 
         are included.
Changes on Elm ME+ 2.5 PLalpha46 compared with Elm ME+ 2.5 PLalpha45

        SUMMARY: This release may use CLOCK_MONOTONIC and can make 
		 several connect() attempts on parallel on some 
		 systems. Elm includes new command line option --mail-file
		 on this release. New elmrc options are
		 "connect-mode", " pop-idle-alive-interval" and
		 "imap-idle-alive-interval" (and
		  "smtp-idle-alive-interval" on "smtp:" section).
		 This release adds "self-cc" and "self-bcc" keywords
		 to ~/.elm/hash.marks or global elm.hashmarks.
		 This release changes elmrc option "mimeforward".
                 Also some other changes and some bug fixes 
                 are included.
        - Changed prototype of (no_)action_routine(), change_action()
        - Changed prototype of (no_)schedule_routine(), set_schedule_action()
	- Changed prototype of ss_(no)action_routine()
	- Changed prototype of ss_StreamAction()

	- Added wait_for_any_action_settime() to lib/schedule.c
	- Added wait_for_any_action_settime_c() to lib/schedule.c	

        - Configure checks if clock_gettime() is available on libc
        - lib/schedule.c uses clock_gettime() and CLOCK_MONOTONIC
          for timeouts when monotonic clock is available. This should
          avoid confusion when current time (wallclock) is altered.
        - Also lib/service_list.c and resolv -module uses
          clock_gettime() and CLOCK_MONOTONIC for timeouts when monotonic
          clock is available.

        - Configure checks if gettimeofday() is available
        - lib/schedule.c uses gettimeofday() for timeouts
          when available (and monotonic clock is not)
	- Configure also tests if suseconds_t is available

        - Changed prototype of scan_mail_services_conf(),
          give_service_entry3(), give_service_entry4(),
          give_service_entryS(), add_alias_to_entry(),
          add_addr_to_entry(), shared_address_lookup(),

        - Some fixes for compilation when REMOTE_MBX
          is not defined.
        - Changed mail domain verification.

        - Configure now notes if struct timeval is defined on 
        - This release changes how Configure look up
          for <sys/select.h>
        - If ether select() or <sys/select.h> are found
          but not both, then Configure compile test

        - Allow command line option
          This puts debug file to /tmp -directory.

        - Check on lib/schedule.c that fd description <= FDSETSIZE
          when select() is used.

        - Treat message/disposition-notification displayable
          as message/delivery-status is treated.
        - Added message/delivery-status and message/disposition-notification
          to lib/misc/mediatype.c

        - Fixed action removal on wait_for_something() on lib/schedule.c
        - Added timed tasks to lib/schedule.c. These are available only
          when some poll method (select() or poll()) is available.
        - Used timed task on src/addr_util.c
        - Used timed task on shared_libs/resolv/resolv.c
        - Used timed task on lib/service_list.c (only usefull
          if names are on global elm.mailservices or
          user's .elm/mail.services -file).

        - Added wait_got_jump() to lib/schedule.c. This is
          called from src/in_utils.c, when GetJump is jumped out
          (and therefore interrupt wait_for_... routines on
        - Configure checks if
          is available.
        - If elmrc option "connect-mode" is
          set to "parallel", Elm ME+ uses
          non-blocking connect() and tries next
          connect() attemp after given "delay" seconds
          or milliseconds if previous connect was not
          completed. This also requires that
          is available.
        - If elmrc option "connect-mode" is
          set to "non-blocking", Elm ME+ uses
          non-blocking connect(), but connection attempts
          are done sequentially.
        - If elmrc option "connect-mode" is set to
          "blocking" Elm ME+ makes connection attempts
          sequentially and connect() blocks until
          it is succeed or failed.
        - Changed prototype of change_action() and
        - Changed return type of action_routine()
          and ss_StreamAction().
        - Changed error message of mailer global elm.rc option.
        - Fixed  cancel_progress_x()

        - Added possible fix to skip_envelope()

        - Added command line option
          to Elm. This assumes that file 'x'
          includes one mail message with headers.
          It is NOT assumed to include mail separator
          lines. For that use command line option
           of Elm, which assumes that file 'x'
           is mail folder.  Option
           can't mixed with options
           However command line option
           can mixed with sending of mail
           (in that case mail file is included
            as separate part to mail; normally
            as type message/rfc822, but sometimes
            as type application/octet-stream).
        - Added update_header_list1() to lib/addr/headers.c
        - Added parse_body_line_helper() to src/newmbox.c
        - Exported mbx_read_line() (was read_line())
          from lib/mbox/localmbx.c
        - Added mbx_max_line_read() to lib/mbox/localmbx.c
        - Possible small fix to compare_headers_1()

        - Added command line option
          to Elm. This causes that arguments
          are treated as mail files and not mail recipients).

        - Fixed crash
                MBX VIEW PANIC in digest.c:87:mt_add_digest_storage
                >>>mt_add_digest_storage called
        - Added query_mailbox_flag() to src/messages/messages.c

        - Added
          to lib/misc/mediatype.c. This is default unsupported type,
          but should be listed.

        - Changed mimeforward question
              Forward message as separate part? (y/n)
              Forward t)ext only; or whole message as separate p)art ? (t/p)
         Prompted by: Laura Kataja
        > If elmrc option "mimeforward" is ON, then
          default value is 'p' (forward as separate part).
          Setting elmrc option "askmimeforward" 
          to OFF disables that prompt.
        - Changed elmrc option "mimeforward".
          Values are:
              off       Disables forwarding mail as message/rfc822
                        body part. This causes that only pageable
                        text is forwarded. Text is included on editor
                        buffer if message is edited.
              on        Enables forwarding mail as message/rfc822
                        body part. This enables forwarding whole mail.
                        Forwarded mail is not included on editor
                        buffer but is visible on attachment list
                        when sending mail (but disposition "inline"
                        instead of "attachment" is used).
             auto       Enables forwarding mail as message/rfc822
                        body part if it top level type of mail
                        is not text/plain or charset is not good
                        or top level disposition is attachment.                 
           Value "auto" is default. This may cause that almost all
           mails are forwarded as message/rfc822 body part.
           Also boolean ON, OFF, TRUE, FALSE, YES and NO
           values are allowed on elmrc option  "mimeforward".

	- Added elmrc option "pop-idle-alive-interval". This option
	  controls how often NOOP command is send when POP is idle.
	  Interval time is given on seconds. Default value is 25
	  (seconds). This idle timeout value is same than previously.
	- If previous NOOP command is not completed, then
	  warning is printed:
	  	  POP connection to ... stalled for ... seconds.

	- Added elmrc option "imap-idle-alive-interval". This option
	  controls how often NOOP command is send when IMAP is idle.
	  Interval time is given on seconds. Default value is 25
	  (seconds). This idle timeout value is same than previously.
	- If previous NOOP command is not completed, then
	  warning is printed:
	  	  IMAP connection to ... stalled for ... seconds.

	- Added check that numeric values on elmrc are valid.
	- Added missing 'w' character to name_ok() on
	  lib/service_list.c. Missed 'w' character caused 
	  that addresses (hostnames) with 'w' character was 
	  saved on quoted form.

	- Added "smtp:" section to elmrc for shared library 
	- Added  elmrc option "smtp-idle-alive-interval" to
	  "smtp:" section. This option
	  controls how often NOOP command is send when SMTP
	  or submission is idle. Interval time is given on seconds. 
	  Default value is 240 (seconds). This idle timeout
	  value is same than previously.
	- Fixed smtp_timeout_action(). Sending of NOOP
	  command was not working.
	- If previous NOOP command is not completed, then
	  warning is printed:
          	  Submission connection to ... stalled for ... seconds.
		  SMTP connection to ... stalled for ... seconds.
           for port 25.)

        NOTE: Elm ME+ does not provide command for
	   kill stalled connections and stalled connections
	   are noted only when connection is otherwise idle
	   (if connection stalls on middle of some other
	    command than that NOOP command used to keep
	    connection not idle too long, warning is not
	    printed either).

	- Generate internal "From " header even when imap
	  reading is skipping body. That is required so that
	  received_time can be calculated.
	> This affects received -sorting order.
         Problem noted by: Laura Kataja

	- When reading POP mailbox, set received_time
	  same to all messages. This causes that
	  received -sorting order uses mailbox order.

	- small fix to debug output on hdr_decode_word()
	- small fix to debug output on mbx_lock_pop()

	- Fixed error that RC_post_init2() from shared libraries
	  was not processed.

	- Added "self-cc" and "self-bcc" keywords for
	  hashtype: remote-mailbox
	  on hash marks file (that is user's .elm/hash.marks or
	  global elm.hashmarks file).
	  These keywords adds user's address to cc:
	  or bcc: header field when mailing.
	> Usually "self-cc" and "self-bcc" uses address given
	  on hash marks file, but if it is not given then
	  local username is used as address or
	  From: header from user's .elm/elmheaders is
	  copied to cc or bcc.
	NOTE: That if both  .elm/elmheaders and hash marks file gives
	   From address, mail uses From: from .elm/elmheaders for
	   From: header field but self-cc and self-bcc uses address
	   from hash marks file.
	- Added username_to_surface_addr() to lib/mailer/outheaders.c
	- Fixed some output of dump_expanded_address(), used on

	- Changed calling convention of copy_expanded_address()
	- Added append_expanded_address() and
	  have_expanded_address() to hdrs/addrlib.h

        New files:

        New elmrc options:


        - Not compiled with MMDF support defined, so probably it doesn't 
          work (or even compile).

        - This has not been tested much so there can be bad bugs. 

          Bug reports to: Kari E. Hurtta <elm@elmme-mailer.org>
                                     (was hurtta+elm@posti.FMI.FI)

        - Internationalized (ie. non-ASCII) domain names are not supported.

        - Support for multipart/signed and multipart/encrypted (specially: 
          support for PGP/MIME) only in reading side. There is no support 
          for attachments with multipart/encrypted.

        - HP's shoftkeys are no longer supported

        - DECNET addresses like host::user may be interpreted as phrase
          of group syntax or as route of source routed address.

        - Header editing screen now uses addresses in form phrase <address>, 
          but because it does not require using of comma (,), multiword 
          phrases must be entered in quotes. 

          For example:  "Kari Hurtta" <hurtta>

        - If address includes <> or comments (), they are not aliased 
          expanded. So aliases must be entered as bare words.

        - Addresses given as arguments to elm command should be given
          as one address per argument. Giving of sevaral addresses per 
          one argument causes that address is misparsed if header is 
          edited on header editing screen.

          That is:

                Use:    elm  '"Kari Hurtta" <hurtta>' 'Admin <root>'

          Don't use:    elm  'Kari Hurtta <hurtta>, Admin <root>'

        - p)rint command acts as P)rint text -command. So it
          is currently quite useless.
          p)rint command does that via readmsg -command. However
          P)rint text does actually same (without readmsg).

        - Some Linux libraries does not follow $LC_CTYPE when program is 
          setgid. Net result is that your locale is always C. That is 
          visible that $LC_CTYPE does not effect to locale printed by 
          'elm -vvvvv':

                Locale (LC_CTYPE):         C
                Display character-set:     US-ASCII
                Sending character-set:     US-ASCII

        - All refrences iso2022 maps are parsed and read to memory. 
          This may cause quite big memory consumption specially because 
          eastern (multibyte) sets tend to be lot of characters. That 
          mapping information should be shared between processes to 
          reduce memory consuption.

        - If display charset is produced by using mapping from locale 
          to charset where charset definition is later invalidated 
          ("removed") by setting explicit compatcharsets on user's 
          .elm/elmrc, that may  cause PANIC on elm's internal pager 
          or other problems. Invalidation happens if display charset 
          is on implicit compatcharsets list (because of charset 
          definition), but does not have explicit compatcharsets list 
          given by user. 

        - Neither Unicode didirectional algorithm nor Right-Left scripts 
          are supported.

        - In some situations two Status headers may be generated two 
          Status headers -- one by IMAP deamon and one from APPENDed 
        - When APPENDing message to IMAP folder (which is normal UNIX 
          mailbox format) original "From " separator line can not be 
          preserved -- specially it is not possible to pass envelope 
          sender address.
        - For UTF-8 charset Elm only knows printable characters from 
          Latin/1 range, if unicode database (see elmrc option "unidata")
          is not loaded.

        - For using of ISO2022 character sets it is required that mapping 
          them to unicode is know -- otherwise Elm ME+ does not know which 
          characters are printable.

        - UTF-16 surrogate pairs (D800-DFFF) are not supported on UTF-7 

        - Mixing of names using IMAP naming convention 
          (imap-naming-convention = yes)
          and names using imap-charset does not work very well...

        - "  Regarding my message (8 Aug 2000) regarding 'newmail' on 
           AIX 4.3.3 in an 'aixterm' window and the 'aixterm' did not 
          close, indeed the problem was NOT related to 'newmail' but an 
          AIX bug.

          IBM has release a patch, and the 'aixterm' in AIX 4.3.3 must
          be update with fileset X11.apps.aixterm. (PTF
          U473920) is solved to problem."
         From: Noam G. Nudelman  <noam@mail.biu.ac.il>

        - File /usr/share/locale/fi/charset gives charset name utf-8 on 
          Linux Mandrake 7.2. This causes that Configure generates 
                fi      utf-8
          to elm.mimecharsets. However that seems to have
          incorrect mapping. You may want change this to
                fi      ISO-8859-1

          ( however nl_langinfo(CODESET) gives charset ISO-8859-15
            but look following entry. )

        - Locale 'fi' seems to have charset ISO-8859-15 according
          of nl_langinfo(CODESET)  on Mandrake Linux 7.2 (and probaly 
          others with same glibc version). However for example gnome 
          terminal uses font 
          and not

          Also KDE's konsole program seems use iso8859-1 character set
          although locale is 'fi' which should have ISO-8859-15 according
          of nl_langinfo (selecting "unicode" from menu seems fix that.)
          Because of mismatch more correct locale is fi_FI.88591, which gives
          ISO-8859-1 character set according of nl_langinfo(CODESET).

          ( Locale seems come from /etc/sysconfig/i18n or $HOME/.i18n )

        > To enable handling of ISO-8859-1 and ISO-8859-15 character sets
          on linux console, read comments from doc/terminal.info file.

        - Mandrake Linux 7.2 seems set LD_PRELOAD to load 
          /usr/lib/libxalflaunch.so.0. That (xalf-0.4-2mdk) causes that 
          elm to crash on startup (actually before main() is reached.)

        - kterm on Mandrake Linux 7.2 seems have (at least on my test
          environment) seems get bad fontlist (*VT100*fontList) which 
          gives bad font for iso8859-1 -- therefore ISO-8859-1 characters 
          do not work.
          ("xrdb -query" seems report resource with name "*fontList"
           -- that probably overrides "*VT100*fontList" which comes
           from /usr/lib/X11/app-defaults/KTerm )

        - Also note that initially kterm does NOT default to
          ISO-8859-1 -- therefore ISO-8859-1 works only when
          elm explicity switch to ISO-8859-1 (for example
          with 'elm -D ISO-8859-1')

        - When assembling message/partial MIME (RFC 2046) 
          requires that all headers except Content-*, Subject, 
          MIME-Version, Message-ID and Encrypted are copied from
          initial enclosing message to assembled message. It also 
          requires that headers except Content-*, Subject,
          MIME-Version,  Message-ID and Encrypted  are ignored and
          dropped from enclosed  message.

          For now we copy only Received: -headers. Dropping extra
          headers from enclosed message makes assembly more 
          complicated  (and dropping of Received: -headers
          from enclosed message do not make sense.)

        - EXIF files are sometimes labeled with content-type
          image/jpeg. They also use .jpg filename extension. They are
          not accepted by Elm ME+ as image/jpeg because magic number 
          (and format) is different. It is unclear what is correct
          treatment. According of specification EXIF files may
          wrap also other file types than jpeg (JFIF).

        - mailer=sendmail; verify=yes works only when sendmail 
          is installed as setuid root. Use mailer=submission instead.
        * Starting from sendmail 8.12 sendmail is normally
          installed as setgid smmsp and not as setuid root.
        - However error message is printed only if 
          verify-local-address=yes is also set

        - IMAP connection is stalled some times. Reason is unknown.

        - From name option (-f) on fastmail is currently broken.

Collector of these patches

        Kari Hurtta <elm@elmme-mailer.org>
        Kari Hurtta <hurtta+elm@siilo.FMI.FI>

 Configure                         |  191 ++
 MANIFEST                          |    4 
 README.ME+                        |  297 +++
 config.h.SH                       |   31 
 doc/elm.1                         |   45 
 doc/elmalias.1                    |    8 
 doc/elmaliases-write.1            |    6 
 doc/elmbindata.1                  |    8 
 doc/elmcharset.1                  |    8 
 doc/elmconfwriter.1               |   10 
 doc/elmhashmarks-info             |    2 
 doc/elmhashmarks.1                |    6 
 doc/elmiso2022sets.1              |    8 
 doc/elmlibregister.1              |   10 
 doc/elmmailinglists.1             |   14 
 doc/elmmailservices.1             |    8 
 doc/elmmimetypes.1                |   16 
 doc/elmrc-info                    |   64 
 doc/elmrc-write.1                 |   12 
 doc/elmrc.samp                    |  449 +++!!
 doc/elmstringconvert.1            |   16 
 doc/elmterminal.1                 |   14 
 doc/elmunidata.1                  |   12 
 doc/fastmail.1                    |    8 
 doc/frm.1                         |    8 
 doc/hash.marks                    |    2 
 doc/newmail.1                     |   10 
 doc/readmsg.1                     |   17 
 hdrs/addrlib.h                    |   12 
 hdrs/connection_imp.h             |  101 
 hdrs/elm_defs.h                   |   20 
 hdrs/elmlib.h                     |  109 
 hdrs/hashmark.h                   |    9 
 hdrs/hashmark_imp.h               |   15 
 hdrs/mailerlib.h                  |   12 
 hdrs/mboxlib.h                    |   15 
 hdrs/mbx_imp.h                    |   25 
 hdrs/mbximap_imp.h                |    7 
 hdrs/me.h                         |   46 
 hdrs/patchlevel.h                 |   10 
 hdrs/s_elm.h                      |   23 
 hdrs/s_me.h                       |   42 
 hdrs/s_smtp.h                     |    4 
 hdrs/save_opts.h                  |   18 
 hdrs/schedule_time.h              |  174 ++
 hdrs/ss_imp.h                     |   27 
 lib/MAGIC                         |    3 
 lib/Makefile.SH                   |   24 
 lib/addr/headers.c                |   59 
 lib/addr/outheaders.c             |  171 !
 lib/debug.c                       |   40 
 lib/hdrdecode.c                   |   20 
 lib/mailer/Makefile.SH            |    4 
 lib/mailer/def_mailer.h           |    6 
 lib/mailer/mailer.c               |   23 
 lib/mailer/outheaders.c           |   43 
 lib/mailer/shared_mailer.c        |   75 
 lib/mbox/Makefile.SH              |    4 
 lib/mbox/con_imap.c               |  140 
 lib/mbox/def_mbox.h               |    5 
 lib/mbox/hashmark.c               |   58 
 lib/mbox/hashmark_helper.c        |   18 
 lib/mbox/hashmark_local.c         |   30 
 lib/mbox/hashmark_remote.c        |  227 +-
 lib/mbox/imap.c                   |  118 -
 lib/mbox/localmbx.c               |   88 !
 lib/mbox/pop.c                    |  147 !
 lib/mbox/remote_server.c          |   53 
 lib/mbox/savefolder.c             |    8 
 lib/misc/Makefile.SH              |    7 
 lib/misc/mediatype.c              |   17 
 lib/misc/service_list.c           |    5 
 lib/rc_handle.c                   |   29 
 lib/read_rc.c                     |   61 
 lib/remote_mbx.c                  | 2926 ++++++++++++++!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 lib/schedule.c                    | 1525 ++++-!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 lib/schedule_time.c               | 1684 +++++++++++++++++++++
 lib/service_list.c                | 1009 +++++--!!!!!
 lib/shared.c                      |    5 
 lib/shared_base.c                 |    5 
 lib/shared_connect.c              |  106 !
 lib/state_in.c                    |   10 
 lib/streamsched.c                 |  288 !!!
 melib/mime_decode.c               |    5 
 melib/parse_util.c                |   37 
 nls/C/C/C/s_elm.m                 |   69 
 nls/C/C/C/s_me.m                  |   84 +
 nls/C/C/C/s_smtp.m                |    8 
 shared_libs/include/shared.h      |   38 
 shared_libs/include/shared_smtp.h |   13 
 shared_libs/resolv/Makefile.SH    |    4 
 shared_libs/resolv/elmresolv.h    |    5 
 shared_libs/resolv/resolv.c       |  798 ++!!!!!!!
 shared_libs/smtp/Makefile.SH      |   19 
 shared_libs/smtp/README.ME+       |   16 
 shared_libs/smtp/elmrc-smtp-info  |   15 
 shared_libs/smtp/elmsmtp.h        |    5 
 shared_libs/smtp/smtp.c           |  287 +!
 shared_libs/tls/Makefile.SH       |    5 
 shared_libs/tls/elmtls.h          |    5 
 shared_libs/tls/tls.c             |   60 
 src/Makefile.SH                   |    4 
 src/addr_util.c                   |  449 +-!!
 src/args.c                        |  202 !
 src/attach_menu.c                 |   24 
 src/block/Makefile.SH             |    4 
 src/block/def_block.h             |    5 
 src/def_elm.h                     |    5 
 src/elm.c                         |   19 
 src/extended.c                    |   18 
 src/in_utils.c                    |    5 
 src/init.c                        |  260 !!
 src/list/Makefile.SH              |    8 
 src/list/info.c                   |    8 
 src/list/reply.c                  |   18 
 src/mailbox.c                     |   10 
 src/mailmsg1.c                    |  152 !
 src/mailmsg2.c                    |  133 +
 src/menu_common/message_screen.c  |   55 
 src/messages/Makefile.SH          |    7 
 src/messages/canceled_mail.c      |   46 
 src/messages/def_messages.h       |    7 
 src/messages/digest.c             |   18 
 src/messages/header_alloc.c       |    6 
 src/messages/mailfile.c           | 1290 ++++++++++++++++
 src/messages/messages.c           |   46 
 src/messages/storage.c            |    6 
 src/newmbox.c                     |  268 +!!
 src/out_utils.c                   |   30 
 src/pgp.c                         |    7 
 src/reply.c                       |   18 
 src/screen/Makefile.SH            |   11 
 src/screen/curs_input.c           |   37 
 src/showmsg_c.c                   |    7 
 src/signals.c                     |    7 
 src/sort.c                        |   28 
 src/thread.c                      |    7 
 src/url/Makefile.SH               |    4 
 src/url/def_url.h                 |    5 
 src/utils.c                       |    9 
 utils/Makefile.SH                 |    9 
 utils/elmlibregister.c            |    5 
 utils/elmmailservices.c           |   10 
 utils/elmregister.c               |   16 
 utils/fastmail.c                  |    5 
 utils/from.c                      |    6 
 utils/newmail.c                   |    7 
 utils/reghelper.c                 |    6 
 148 files changed, 7877 insertions(+), 428 deletions(-), 7469 modifications(!)